A selection of photos taken on my farm
On the job early morning
Coming home to the house paddock at sunrise
Misty winter morning
Flood irrigation on the paddocks
Storm brewing over the west paddock
Misty morning and ready for work
One of the feed trucks roll in
How we cut wood round here
One of the Recycle Dams
Our wonderful under cover complex has indoor riding facilities, truck and machinery access, holding yards,
loading ramp, and veterinary race with cattle crush. Lights of course for night time work!
Kids playing in one of our six machinery shed bays, that feature full concrete floors, mechanics pits for
vehicle repair, 3 phase compressors and welding facilites, and overhead beams for heavy lifting.
We love the large brick and tile home, it has a seperate entertaining complex behind, with 2 commercial ovens, spa, and
sleeping for 8 guests. We keep our family supplied from our 40 assorted fruit trees in our orchard, eggs from chooks in
the 4 bay chicken shed, and a huge fully enclosed netted vinyard. Produce is kept fresh in a 42 square metre fantastic
underground cellar.
The farm has its own brick butcher shop with walk-in coolroom.
The Vineyard
Almond trees in blosson in August
An aerial view of the farm , if you cannot view on this page, CLICK HERE