Odin, as he is known here, is the pride of our stud,
he is my favourite riding horse, my trustworthy
companion horse for all the youngsters, and my
best friend.
He has proven himself over the years as a reliable
gentle horse and we are thankful that he is a part
of our lives.
He has been a fantastic ambassador to the
Haflinger breed, and has served the community
regularly as he has spent many afternoons giving
disabled children the chance to ride at the RDA
(Riding for the Disabled Association)
Odin was bred by Arkley Haflingers, but fell
upon hard times after he was sold to a property
near Cowra. We rescued him from a dealer who
was sending him to the knackery, and brought him
back to health. The process took over 12 months
before he was able to be ridden, but it was worth
every moment, and every cent. (Even though my
other half disagrees with this when Odin breaks
into the tool shed to steal dog biscuits at 3am....)
1986 Gelding by Admiral (IMP)