Our Farm
Our wonderful under cover complex has indoor riding facilities, truck and machinery access, holding yards,
loading ramp, and veterinary race with cattle crush. Lights of course for night time work!
Our farm features beautiful pasture, planted each year with clover, rye, barley, oats, and lucern. Soil tests revealed almost perfect examples of Lemnos
Loam, and Shepperton fine sandy loams. Natural organic fertilizers ensure good bionic activity within the soil structure, providing great long term results.
Happy cows make good milkers!
Kids playing in one of our six machinery shed bays, that feature full concrete floors, pits for vehicle
repair, 3 phase compressors and welding facilites, and overhead beams for heavy lifting.
Great internal roads make getting around on the
farm easy, for machinery, semi's and cars alike.
We are running approx 150 predominantly holstein cows, sending between 3000 amd 4000 litres per
day to our buyers from those in milk when we are in full production.
COPIED FROM THE DLS WEBSITE, details of our first cattle purchases:
Dubbo, NSW Breeders Steve & Erica Chesworth & Family staged their first on farm
sale with a magnificent, large offering of all Spring calved cows & heifers. The in
milk cows were currently averaging 39 litres with a BMCC of 85 and drew much
comment on their tremendous type and form they were presented in. Buyers were
from all parts of NSW & Victoria.
213 Holsteins gross $702,000 and average sale price $3,296
Strong buyer through the sale was Renae Moritz of Kyabram, Vic. Included in her
selections were Tomargo Recluse Talent Wondergirl (ET) VG 1st lact. and backed by
the noted Whynot family at $6,400, Hillview Park Gold Mary (ET) VG a Goldwyn
from the famed Murribrook Myra's at $6,000 and Tomargo Recluse Swan Peggy a Mr
Sam from the Murribrook Peggy's at $5,000.
We love the large brick and tile home, it has a seperate entertaining complex behind, with 2 commercial ovens, spa, and
sleeping for 8 guests. We keep our family supplied from our 40 assorted fruit trees in our orchard, eggs from chooks in
the 4 bay chicken shed, and a huge fully enclosed netted vinyard. Produce is kept fresh in a 42 square metre fantastic
underground cellar. The kids are happy playing in the extensive gardens!
The farm has its own brick butcher shop with walk-in coolroom.
The Vineyard
Below: Building the new irrigation channels
The front garden in summer, and below in winter
Almond trees in blosson in August
Catie milking in the 10 a side herringbone dairy
An aerial view of the farm , if you cannot view on this page, CLICK HERE