Specializing in pure Spanish Andalusians, American Azteca, and the dilute Andalusian Welsh cross.

Our Breeding Policies.
Often, when faced with a breeder who has a passion for colour in their horses, it becomes very easy for the layman to banter,
using such terms as "sacrificing TYPE for COLOUR". When we consider our breeding options colour is certainly a consideration.
However, it is certainly not the only consideration.

COLOUR -Our aim is to create horses with beautiful dilute and overo colour, but also to embrace the purity of :

TYPE - Our stock is based on the classical Baroque type.

CONFORMATION - based on the breed standard of the Baroque horse, but also considering the nature of hereditary defects
that often effect horses who may be true to type, such as Parrot mouth, hoof deformities, and the sometimes negative effect of
breeds that have differing requirements such as variations in the number of vertebrae or cannon bone length  (as seen in the
Arabian horse),

PHYSICAL and MENTAL SOUNDNESS - The most beautifully coloured and conformed horses may still carry genetics such as
bone density disorders, HYPP, or hereditary aggressive temperaments. We carefully select stock whose pedigree shows consistent
generations of sound horses.

And finally, one of the most important and yet least discussed moral breeding obligations -

LONGEVITY - We will not serve our overo stallion to overo positive mares due to the risk of Lethal White foals. Our policy is
to breed, and to breed from only Heterozygous (Gg - non dominant) greys, as well as to endeavor where type allows, to breed our
greys to non-grey partners, to ensure reduction of risk of GG Homozygous foals. The dominance of grey genetics within the
Andalusian breed calls for careful consideration, as does the breeding to brown bays V's clear bays,  an issue that is often
effected in the breeding of Homozygous (GG -genetically dominant) grey horses, increasing the incidence of cancerous
melanoma.This issue effects breeders of grey horses of all breeds.     
Established 1994
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What little girl has not dreamed of the Barbie-doll horse, golden, with its flowing white mane and tail?
What little boy has not at some time imagined himself a fearless Knight, on a proud white warhorse?
From the dancing white Spanish horses, the breathtaking American parade horse,
the tiny miniature in harness with tinkling bells, the Arabian heading off on a desert adventure, or the
painted Palouse in a game of cowboys and indians. Horses have been a part of every child's fantasy,
and here at Ardiel stud we present a collection that brings some of these fantasies to life.
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