Established 1994
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What little girl has not dreamed of the Barbie-doll horse, golden, with its flowing white mane and tail?
What little boy has not at some time imagined himself a fearless Knight, on a proud white warhorse?
From the dancing white Spanish horses, the breathtaking American parade horse,
the tiny miniature in harness with tinkling bells, the Arabian heading off on a desert adventure, or the
painted Palouse in a game of cowboys and indians. Horses have been a part of every child's fantasy,
and here at Ardiel stud we present a collection that brings some of these fantasies to life.
Home to Australia's only cremello tobiano Gypsy Cob Stallion,
Desert Jewel Flash's Gold as Ice (IMP)
Flash of Gold x Rubysky Palomino Perfection
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0428 988 697